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BNCT for short

HaiNan Poly Pharm

The Haikou site was established in 1992 and is one of the earliest internationalized pharmaceutical enterprises in China. It covers an area of approximately 68 acres and mainly produces APls, solid and injectable products, with a focus on specialty formulations and specialty varieties.

It is a national pilot project for intelligent manufacturing and the production lines for sterile injectable products has obtained GMP compliance inspection by US FDA, EU EMA and the World Health Organization (WHO). Currently, there are 4 injectable workshops put into operation, covering vials ranging from 2ml to 100ml.

ZheJiang Poly Pharm

Hangzhou  site was established in 2013 and currently covers an area of 65 acres. It mainly engages in the production of tablets, capsules, granules, dry suspensions, ointments, injections, eye drops, and pre-filled syringes, as well as serving as the research and development center for the Group. It is recognized as the Children's Medicine Base by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a key project for Children's Medicine under Made in China 2025, a member of the Children's Medicine R&D and Industrialization Alliance, and a high-tech research and development center in Hangzhou.

AnHui Poly Pharm

Anqing site was established in 2019 and it covers an area of 186 acres. It is an international production base for high-end APIs, mRNA excipients, and bio-synthetic products with an annual output of 360 tons. It is specialized in membrane separation technologies( such as ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and electrodialysis), high-efficiency separation and purification methods, and freeze-drying and spray drying techniques.

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